The big cheese and mother of our Scaladale team. Her knowledge and comfort with all the sites and different environments is second to none. AND she's the only member of the team who can land a backflip!

Kate is a former secondary teacher and has many years of experience teaching  young people with additional support needs. Since moving to Harris 4 years ago she has learned alongside the young people and is now a very well qualified outdoor leader.

Top 3 Activities

Mountain Biking


Gorge Scrambling

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Calum is the most unique of all instructors, embellishing the centre and all our campfires with his musical talents. He is never far from his guitalele and will teach you Canoe Kazoo!

Connoisseur of coasteer jumps, inventor of the ‘Yoot!’ and the ‘Spaghetti Man’, Calum never fails to inspire us, even on the windiest, wettest and wildest of days. He is king of archery sessions and will always be the climbing chief.

Calum started his career at Scaladale as a 'young leader', volunteering around the centre in return for training, whilst working nights at the Co-Op. He was soon qualified as an assistant instructor and became a paid part time team member. In June 2018 LHYCA was able to take him on full time, and he now helps Kate run the centre all year round.

Top 3 activities
Gorge Scramble