Tailored to suit your family or group

Harris is a spectacular place to ride your bike, and thanks to LEADER funding, we have an excellent fleet of Whyte hard tails for the use of our young people.

In order to fund free mountain biking for children in the remote communities of Lewis and Harris, we are now hosting mountain bikers at The Scaladale Centre all year round. We can provide guides, bikes, coaching, local knowledge, shuttle services etc. OR you can just come and stay in the hostel with your bikes!

Much of Harris riding is difficult and technical; it is becoming an incredibly rewarding world class destination for true mountain bikers.

If this isn't you (yet) we can show you equally rewarding and great fun rides within your capabilities and keep you safe on our wild and remote trails.

This project was part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Outer Hebridies LEADER 2014-2020 Programme.