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Rays of Hope

With The Scaladale Centre currently closed, I am having time to look to the future, and I realised I haven't shared with all of you some of the exciting possibilities that are lining up.

Did you know, for instance, that the North Harris Trust had a feasibility study done in Ardvourlie Woodland for mountain bike trails?? I am uploading the planned routes here for you to see. The trail designer is Pete Laing, who designed the trails in Lews Castle Grounds, as well as some of the best manmade trails to be found throughout The Highlands. Yes, that IS a skills area you can see there behind The Scaladale Centre!!

Obviously, this will cost A LOT of money, but can you imagine how much they would be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike? And how they could help The Scaladale Centre and other businesses in Harris get back on their feet again after this crisis? The trails would be developed alongside all ability paths in the woodland, and there would be the possible business opportunities for bike hire and trails centre amenities in the car park at Ardvourlie.

Please be in touch with me at, or NHT at if you would like more details or a closer look at the plans. They are detailed and describe all the features planned for the different grade routes etc. Really exciting stuff! Lets hope we can pull it off.

We have got more good news to watch this space AND Stay Safe!!! Missing you, from all the team.

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