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A well needed break

With winter in full blustery swing, we couldn't help but try and make the most of yesterday's small break in the weather!

In an attempt to improve on some navigation skills - and to escape the tedium of the office - Calum took it upon himself to yomp up the hills round the back of the centre.

A frosty start, beginning from the back of our annex, took him towards the new Eagle observatory (which is looking fantastic!!).

With the top of Mò Bhìogadail not looking all that far away, Calum, in his infinite wisdom, decided to just "hoof it straight up". It took mere moments for him to realise that this was a regrettable, tiring choice, slipping multiple times on frosty ground, and sensibly decided a less direct route was preferable.

Upon reaching the top of the ridge, a small 30 minute stop for some lunch was in order. For those interested it consisted of an obscene amount of boiled eggs and bread sticks.

Continuing along, at an ambling pace, he walked in awe at the beauty of the sights. There really seems to be something about a full belly and the sun on your back that helps cultivate a real sense of wonder in the world around you.

An unexpected alarm snapped him out of his reverie, seeing the time, he discovered that there was no more than a hour to get back to the main road to get the bus back to Stornoway. Half running, half stumbling down the hill, the path exiting at Bowglass was within reach. Slipping a couple of times on what used to be small streams flowing down the slopes, now frozen over in the shadows of the hills, he just made it as the bus was passing.

Overall, a grand day out.

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