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Calmac Adventure Challenge

We were so fortunate to have the weather on our side for the Calmac Challenge.

The group envisioned and planned to - ambitiously - kayak and mountain bike from Aline to Loch Seaforth Island, camp over and make the trip back the following morning.

Following a planning day where this plan was conceptualized, the group was split into two teams. Team one were to mountain bike from our start point down to base camp, while team two set off in kayaks aiming to meet the bikers there.

Upon arriving at base camp, both teams were shuttled over to loch seaforth island in the power boat where they camped.

Day two the teams were shuttled back to base camp - after a quality camp breakfast - and were swapped over. Team one to kayak and team two to mountain bike back to the start point.

The groups hard work during the planning stage paid off, everything went according to plan, despite our fears for the weather! We are extremely proud of the our team!

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